"Apocalypse Knights" Privacy Policy

"Apocalypse Knights" by the development of InterServ International Inc.;, "Apocalypse Knights" special formulation "Privacy Policy" in order to support the protection of personal data and privacy, so that a better understanding of the data collected with the use of game and committed to reasonable technical and professional, to protect the security of personal data. Please read the following instructions carefully, and when you use the "Apocalypse Knights" service, that is, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to this Privacy Policy. Of this policy may be subject to change, please regularly check, when you continue to use the "Apocalypse Knights" service, you are deemed to understand and agree to accept the changes or modifications of this policy.
Personal information made way
"Apocalypse Knights" agreed to be taken account of other sites quickly (Sign in), you agree to the company to obtain the information retained in the site as registration information.

Network activity and value-added services
When you participate in "Apocalypse Knights" network activity, investigation, or value-added services, "Apocalypse Knights" Please provide your name, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail address and other personal information to inform you participate in activities or use of the results of the service, such as the players lottery results, sending prizes purposes.

Advertisers and links
Please note that advertising vendors, published in "Apocalypse Knights" or "Apocalypse Knights" linked sites may also collect, handle your personal information. For your initiative to provide personal information, these ad companies, or strategic alliance partner site has its own individual privacy policy, its data processing measures do not apply to "Apocalypse Knights" Privacy Policy, "Apocalypse Knights" assumes no responsibility. "Apocalypse Knights" to encourage you to understand the privacy policies of these third person.
"Apocalypse Knights" may also from the manufacturers website, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, collect, process or use your personal information.

General browsing
As you browse websites with the course of the game, "Apocalypse Knights" will automatically receive and record your browser or query server value and click record, including the connection you are using the device IP address, use the time, browser in "Apocalypse Knights cookies and your game history record, the purpose of the record for" Apocalypse Knights "internal statistical analysis of the overall game user behavior, as future development, improved service and close to the market demand research, not individual users analyze.

You voluntarily revealed online on a variety of personal information, such as forum, chat room, community, etc., or with other users or interact with the site to publish or provide personal information, including e-mail, birthday, photos, and both may others collect and use your own voluntary personal responsibility for the information, is not within the scope of the "Apocalypse Knights" Privacy Policy.

"Apocalypse Knights" policy for the use of your personal data

"Apocalypse Knights" to collect personal information from self-related services, will be used to provide, develop, maintain, protect and improve the services and content, and will not be sold to any person, swap, lend or provide your personal information. "Apocalypse Knights" in written or electronic, or international transmission of your personal information.

"Apocalypse Knights" in the following circumstances, may to a third party to disclose your personal information:

In order to provide the services you request or promotions equity need to share your information to provide the services or preferential third party or commercial information or e-mail sent by a third party, "Apocalypse Knights" will provide adequate related activities notify you, and before the data collection or transfer, so you can choose whether to accept the particular services or promotions.

To comply with the requirements of the Act, proceedings or government agencies.

We found your behavior on the site violate "Apocalypse Knights" Terms of Service, and disclose your personal information may be in the range of appropriate and necessary for the purpose of implementation of the terms of service or to protect users.
We believe that national security, legal compliance, or the purpose of execution or other important public issues, have to disclose your personal information to third parties in the appropriate and necessary within.

The event of a company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and other circumstances, we may migrate to collect personal data to any third party.

To protect user privacy, we can not you find another user's account information! If you have the relevant legal issues need to consult others information, be sure to Arsenal or prosecutors units tell or informant We will fully cooperate with the investigation of the policing units or prosecutors investigation and provide relevant information to assist in the investigation of crime and solve the case.

"Apocalypse Knights" policies to safeguard your personal information

Your personal information by "Apocalypse Knights" in order to safeguard your privacy and information security, the current accepted standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security system to protect the security of information. [Note: I would like to invite your company to confirm whether SSL encryption. If you are using other encryption measures may also be expressed. ]

"Apocalypse Knights" only allows the processing of your personal data and require employees aware of the information, and outsourcing vendors to access information. "Apocalypse Knights" will pass this policy to the relevant personnel, and requirements to comply with the obligation of confidentiality.

"Apocalypse Knights" period to keep your personal information in order to complete the period set out in this Privacy Policy purpose prevail, except if required or permitted by law retained for a longer period.

If you find personal information mistakes, you can correct or supplement requirements after appropriate full explanation of the "Apocalypse Knights"; disappear or the expiry of law or "Apocalypse Knights" gathered specific purpose, you can also request the "Apocalypse Knights" to remove , stop processing or use. But if your requirements are repeated unreasonable or disproportionate technical effort, or a capital still under shelf life or delete the infringement is more worthy of the protection of the interests, or there are other legitimate reasons can not be deleted, " The Apocalypse Knights "'s refuse to process your request.

Responsible for voluntarily provide personal information you voluntarily posted on the Internet discussion boards, chat rooms, community or provide personal information, may be another person to collect, transfer, and use of, you need to be self-respect situation.

"Apocalypse Knights" use Cookies policy


In order to provide a more suitable service users individual needs, and to facilitate your participation in the personalization of interactive services, Cookies server for the difference between the different preferences of the user, via the browser to write some brief information of the user's hard disk, you log established in the game, and you can log record. Position in the list of tools IE "Internet Options" and "Security" or browser "Options" and "Advanced", you can choose to modify your browser Cookies acceptance, including the acceptance of all the cookies be notified when setting cookies, block all cookies. If you choose to block all cookies, you may not be able to use part of the personalized services or participate in some activities.

"Apocalypse Knights" send commercial information or e-mail policy


"Apocalypse Knights" after you register your consent to send commercial information or e-mail it to you. The "Apocalypse Knights" in addition to specify the information or e-mail sent by the "Apocalypse Knights" You can stop receiving such information or e-mail at any time, instructions or function link will also provide the information or e-mail.

"Apocalypse Knights" to remind you of the personal information of self-protection measures


Please keep your Facebook account password, do not provide the password to anyone. Remember to log off when you want to leave the front of the computer or no longer use the services of the "Apocalypse Knights", if you share a computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window, to prevent others from using your personal data.